20 Years Of ‘Tanha Dil’- Shaan Shares The Interesting Story Behind Making Of The Video

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Twenty years ago, Bollywood’s celebrated singer Shaan released the iconic song ‘Tanha Dil,’ a masterpiece that continues to touch our hearts to this day. Not only the song’s soulful melody, but its brilliant music video also left an emotional impact on listeners. Recently, in an interview, Shaan revealed the story behind the video shoot.

When the time came for the shoot, director Sanil Shekhawat kept the concept of the video under wraps, leaving Shaan completely puzzled. “I used to ask him, ‘What is the video?’ He used to say, ‘Nothing. You don’t need to worry about that,'” recalled Shaan.

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On the day of the shoot at Filmcity, things took a turn. “He said, ‘Yahan se wahan chalo, wahan se yahan chalo’ (walk from here to there and from there to here). Now wear these clothes and walk from here to there.’ Some people were walking with me. I didn’t understand till the end what he was doing,” Shaan stated. Whenever Shaan inquired about the video’s concept, the director’s response remained mysterious, with the simple instruction to follow his lead.

Despite the confusion during the shoot, Shaan was in for a pleasant surprise when he finally saw the finished video. “When it all unfolded, it was beautiful,” said Shaan, expressing his admiration for the director’s vision. It became apparent that the director had created a metaphorical masterpiece.

“The walk is your life. When you look back, you see things that have happened. When you look ahead, it’s the future. When you look back, you see your friends and your love, and for some reason, you have to leave them and move ahead. At that time, you wonder what will happen to you in the future. But when you look back, you realize that they are always there with you. So, this is how he made a metaphoric video.”

Reflecting on more memories associated with the song, Shaan fondly recollected the time he spent with composer Ram Sampath during its creation. “Ram Sampath, who composed the song, had a lot of time in those days. The same was with me. This whole project of eight songs we did in two or two and a half years. Every other day I used to visit his house in Matunga. His mom used to serve filter coffee. We had fun.”

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‘Tanha Dil’ is a timeless masterpiece that has touched the hearts of millions. Its enigmatic video shrouded in mystery during its making, turned out to be a metaphorical representation of life’s journey and the essence of cherished memories.

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