Alia Bhatt and Isha Ambani: Buddies and New Moms Together

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Alia Bhatt recently chatted about her friendship with Isha Ambani and how they both became moms for the first time around the same time. Alia and her partner Ranbir Kapoor welcomed their daughter, Raha Kapoor, into the world in November 2022. Meanwhile, Isha and her husband Anand Piramal celebrated the arrival of their twins, daughter Aadiya and son Krishna, just a few days later on November 19, 2022.

A Special Bond Between New Moms: Alia Bhatt and Isha Ambani

Alia and Isha aren’t just friends, they’re also business partners. Isha’s company, Reliance Brands Ltd, took over a big part of Alia’s kid and maternity-wear brand, Ed-a-Mamma, in 2023. This partnership came right when both women were adjusting to life as new mothers. Alia shared in an interview with Forbes how they felt like their lives were suddenly parallel: “My daughter and her twins are almost a week apart. So this all also happened at the same time. Suddenly, we were like ‘Both of us are mothers’.”

A Shared Journey into Motherhood

Alia opened up about how becoming a mom changed her perspective on her brand, Ed-a-Mamma. It wasn’t just a business anymore; it became deeply personal. “Being a mother has made everything better for me,” she said. For both Alia and Isha, this journey into motherhood wasn’t just about their own lives; it influenced their professional lives too.

The Exciting Business Collaboration

In September 2023, Reliance Brands Ltd acquired a major portion of Ed-a-Mamma. This move signaled the beginning of an exciting collaboration between Alia and Isha’s companies. Reliance Brands Ltd, a branch of Reliance Industries’ retail arm, saw potential in Alia’s brand and decided to invest in its growth. They plan to expand Ed-a-Mamma into new areas like personal care products, baby furniture, children’s storybooks, and even an animated series.

The Story Behind Ed-a-Mamma

Alia Bhatt founded Ed-a-Mamma in 2020 with a mission to provide sustainable and affordable clothing options for children. The brand quickly gained popularity for its eco-friendly approach to fashion. In 2022, they expanded their range to include maternity wear, catering to expecting mothers like Alia herself.

Looking to the Future

With the support of Reliance Brands Ltd, Ed-a-Mamma is set to reach new heights. Alia and her team are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. They envision a future where their brand isn’t just about clothing but about nurturing a community of parents who care about sustainability and affordability.

A Friendship and Partnership Blossoms

Alia Bhatt and Isha Ambani’s journey from friends to business partners is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared experiences. As they navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood together, they’re also shaping the future of children’s fashion and parenting. With their bond as strong as ever, there’s no telling what amazing things they’ll achieve in the years to come.

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