CBFC Chief Prasoon Joshi Advises Makers Of Pathaan To Edit The Movie & Songs

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Even as the Besharam Rang controversy continues to fuel uproar on social media and in real life, the Central Board of Film Certification has asked the Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan starrer Pathan to implement changes in the film and songs. The song’s video sparked controversy when Deepika’s saffron coloured swimsuit was construed offensive to religious sentiments. 

The controversy stirred when people trolled the song for its choreography and Deepika’s choice of saffron-coloured bikini was connected to the song title, roughly translated as shameless colour. It was this alleged connection that prompted people to say that the song hurt people’s religious sentiments. 

In an official statement to media, CBFC chief  Prasoon Joshi said that the film had undergone a due and thorough process of examination in accordance with the board’s guidelines. He also added that the committee had advised the filmmakers on the changes to be made. He said that he expected the filmmakers to submit the revised version prior to its theatrical release. 

Prasoon also reiterated CBFC’s commitment to finding a balance between creative expression and audience sensibility through dialogue with all stakeholders. However, he also pointed out that Indian culture and faith ‘is  glorious, intricate and nuanced’ and that there must not be a conflation between the ‘real with true’ as opposed to trivia. In order to find that balance, it is important for there to be trust between creators and audience, he added. 

The controversy has seen people express their outrage in a number of ways- be it people calling for the film’s boycott, burning of SRK’s effigies, and complaints filed against the film’s makers for hurting sentiments on official forums. One advocate has filed a written complaint with the Information & Broadcasting Ministry and there have even been calls to ban the song from the movie. 

The Yash Raj Films-produced Pathaan is set to release on the big screen on January 25, 2023 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

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