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Panchayat Fame Actor Faisal Malik One Step Away From Taking Home The Best Supporting Actor Award

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Faisal Malik, notable for his role in the web series Panchayat, is in the race for the Filmfare OTT Awards in 2022. He is a 2022 OTT Best Supporting Actor nominee who rose to prominence in Panchayat Season 2 as Prahlad Pandey or say Panchayat’s Up-Pradhan (Deputy-Pradhan). Faisal is well-deserved to be a competitor in this competition due to his spectacular performance in the Amazon Prime web series. 

Faisal’s raw & real portrayal of his character

Millions of people were charmed over by Faisal’s authentic acting, desi accent, and benign disposition. His portrayal of Up-Pradhan Ji attracted a lot of praise, putting him in competition for the Filmfare OTT Awards in 2022. And it is not surprising that he is on the list of finalists for the upcoming Filmfare Awards. Faisal had the strongest central character in the second season, we must concede. He is depicted as Pradhan Ji’s sidekick. Faisal  has always brought amusement to the program with his exceptional performance. While it would be easy to stereotype Up-Pradhan ji as a food lover, his portrayal has the depth of someone who is true to his job, has arrived at an understanding with their life, and never capitulates. Up-Pradhan ji’s absolutely different side was revealed in the final episode of Panchayat Season 2. And we were powerless to resist sharing his suffering. Everyone was moved by Faisal Malik’s unvarnished and honest performance. The characters in the web series gained enormous popularity over the course of both seasons, with Faisal Malik’s Up-Pradhan ji emerging as the most lovable character in the second. 

3 nominees from Panchayat Season 2 

Along with Faisal Malik, Ritvik Sahore (Campus Diaries), Harsh Mayar (Gullak Season 3), Gopal Datt (Jugadistaan), Vishnu Kaushal (Feels Like Home Season 1), Chandan Roy (Panchayat Season 2), Raghubir Yadav (Panchayat Season 2), and Poojan Chhabra (Home Shanti) are the competitors clamouring for the OTT best supporting actor award.Each of the three Panchayat Season 2 nominees for best supporting actor left their mark on the audience. The three of them were distinctive from one another in many ways. 

Faisal Malik had earlier discussed the web series in a conversation with Jay-Ho.com. More than the rural crowds, the affection and adulation from the metropolis ones stunned him. Faisal told Jay Kumar that the Panchayat online series was a brilliant show that was written in the most concise manner. The hardest thing to maintain is simplicity, he claims. The show resonated with the audience. It was heartening to learn that metropolitan audiences embraced the play more than rural ones. The conversations appeal to a wide range of viewers. The best aspect of this show is that it doesn’t preach. He was utterly taken aback when he learned that the show was a major hit. The following morning after Panchayat’s release, he claimed, “I discovered that it had been a massive success. I was receiving numerous messages.

In the online series, Faisal demonstrated his prodigious and in-depth acting abilities. Jay-Ho! wishes him luck and hopes that one of our favourite guests Faisal Malik takes home the prize.

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