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Sharib Hashmi And Keshavi Jaharia’s ‘Cybershot’ Takes Home ‘Best Artificial Intelligence Film’ At Cannes

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Sharib Hashmi’s collaboration in Keshavi Jaharia’s directorial debut, ‘Cybershot,’ has won the ‘Best Artificial Intelligence Film’ award at the Cannes World Film Festival. The achievement marks a significant milestone for Keshavi Jaharia, who is an Amsterdam-based writer, actress, and now a director, as she stepped into the world of filmmaking with this groundbreaking project.

In ‘Cybershot,’ Sharib Hashmi, known for his remarkable performances in popular series such as ‘The Family Man,’ ‘Asur,’ and ‘Vikram Vedha,’ joins Keshavi Jaharia to explore the themes of identity, love, and artificial intelligence. The film has received global recognition for its compelling storytelling, captivating cinematography, and powerful acting.

Keshavi Jaharia expresses her elation, saying, “I was overjoyed when I heard that ‘Cybershot’ won the award for Best Artificial Intelligence Film. As a female director debuting with this film, this recognition is incredibly encouraging. I have dreamt of making films since a young age, and considering the appreciation Sharib Hashmi has garnered for his diverse roles, I knew he was the perfect fit for the male protagonist in my short film.”

Reflecting on his decision to be part of ‘Cybershot,’ Sharib Hashmi reveals, “When Keshavi narrated the story to me, what intrigued me was the unique concept and unconventional storytelling. The role I played was different and interesting.”

Apart from his collaboration in ‘Cybershot,’ Sharib Hashmi has showcased his versatility as an artist. His portrayal of J. K. Talpade in the Amazon Prime Video series ‘The Family Man’ and his appearance in the Oscar-winning film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ have earned him well-deserved acclaim. Next, Sharib will be seen in ‘Tarla,’ alongside Huma Qureshi, which is set to exclusively stream on ZEE5 Global on July 7.

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