Shah Rukh Khan praises Para-athletes at a recent event: ‘Ye sab Samarth hain’

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Shah Rukh Khan recently attended an event in Delhi where he wholeheartedly praised the abilities of Para-athletes. The event, organized by Hyundai Motor India, aimed to launch their ‘Samarth’ initiative, which focuses on raising awareness and empowering individuals with disabilities in the country. Shah Rukh not only recited a heartwarming and motivational poem dedicated to the Paralympians but also stressed the importance of creating an inclusive world where people with special abilities can chase their dreams.

The Dapper Shah Rukh Khan

Dressed in a stylish blue blazer, accompanied by a white shirt and gray trousers, Shah Rukh Khan took the stage at the event in his charismatic manner. The actor’s choice of attire reflected his passion for the cause and served as a powerful symbol of support for the Para-athletes.

Praising Para-athletes’ Abilities through Poetry

Shah Rukh Khan’s recitation of a motivational poem captivated the audience, highlighting the remarkable accomplishments of Para-athletes in various sports. The poem emphasized the incredible strength and ability demonstrated by these athletes, showing the world how ‘Samarth’ (able) they truly are.

Building an Inclusive World

Apart from his poetic tribute, Shah Rukh Khan used his platform to emphasize the importance of building a society where individuals with special abilities have equal opportunities to fulfill their dreams. He encouraged everyone to embrace inclusiveness and ensure that necessary support and resources are provided to empower people with disabilities.

Hyundai Motor India’s ‘Samarth’ Initiative

The event served as the launchpad for Hyundai Motor India’s ‘Samarth’ initiative. This initiative aims to create awareness and enablement for individuals with disabilities in the country. By partnering with various organizations, Hyundai is actively promoting inclusivity and actively working towards breaking down barriers for people with special abilities.

Spreading Awareness and Empowerment

Through their initiative, Hyundai Motor India seeks to spread awareness about the needs, aspirations, and capabilities of individuals with disabilities. By actively involving the community and collaborating with expert organizations, Hyundai aims to empower people with special abilities, helping them overcome challenges and realize their true potential.

Creating Equal Opportunities

Hyundai’s ‘Samarth’ initiative aligns with Shah Rukh Khan’s vision of an inclusive world. By providing equal opportunities to individuals with disabilities, society can not only harness their potential but also break stereotypes and prejudices. This initiative strives to create an environment where Para-athletes and individuals with special abilities can chase their dreams without hindrance.

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